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what is dot.matrix ?

dot.matrix is a project of four musicians from vienna / austria / europe. after many years of making lo-fi music on our own, we decided to form dot.matrix to show the people that lo-fi music is not only geek's friend. - so ...
fasten your seatbelts: turbulence ahead!
server move complete
hi all, as some of you might have noticed, was offline for the last two months. we had to move the site to a new server.
expect some uploads.
8bit beach vienna
update: event pics on

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anreise zu fuss : plan
anfahrt auto:
donauufer-autobahn a22 bei ausfahrt richtung graz auf b226, bei floridsdorfer hauptstraãŸe rechts abbiegen, wenden, am hubertusdamm rechts abbiegen, den schildern zum parkplatz wasserrutsche folgen.
eintritt: frei , 4€ spenden - billiger trinken
website now fully working again
due to a hardware error, has not been online for the past few days. we are now fully online again.